Welcome to CoInnovate!

Welcome to CoInnovate, a flagship event designed to bring the world’s leading innovators together in the spirit of collaboration.

Opportunities, Technology, Collaboration

Great value can be created through the right mix between emerging technologies and open innovation. Whilst we’ll continue to explore these key topics, we do have an exciting new item on the agenda. Take a look at the outline sessions to find out more!

Perfect platform for challenge-owners:

“Coming from an industrial background it was refreshing to find the opportunity to discuss real blue-sky ideas with people from all backgrounds and also to work with others to determine how these could be brought to reality. We will be sure to attend next year’s event!”

– Anthony Kinsella, The Weir Group



CoInnovate is returning on 24 January 2018!

Check out 2018 Outline Sessions.


Showcase your capabilities

  • Tech Live!: Open to technology providers looking for collaborative partners
  • Exhibit: Ideal for organisations wanting to showcase products and capabilities
  • Partnership & sponsorship opportunities: Designed for organisations looking to maximise their outreach across innovator networks

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