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Bringing Robotics to Life at CoInnovate 2018

Robotics is an industry that’s grown exponentially in the past decade. The Victorian authors of science fiction may not recognise our modern living, as they expected a futuristic vision of the new millennium to feature spaceships and robot servants for everyone… But we’ve come a long way none the less. In fact, it’s been projected […]

CoInnovate partners with Mind Doodle to facilitate collaboration and enhance tech innovation

Mind Doodle to capture collaborative thinking for CoInnovate’s Collaboration PitStop and record key outcomes from the conference digitally with real time mind mapping software. CoInnovate 2018 announces partnership with Mind Doodle to facilitate interactive idea generation between entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and academics at its conference on 24 January 2018 Mind mapping will enhance the popular […]

Your Industry Relies on Sensors – Are You Informed?

You may not realise it, but almost every industry relies on sensors. From the meat industry to medicine, from space to automotive, sensors are absolutely critical, which is why they form a key focus at the CoInnovate 2018 Collaboration PitStop, a workshop environment to explore topics of collaboration. The advancement from analogue, to digital, to […]

Professor Mischa Dohler Challenges Innovators to Embrace Synchronised Reality in World-First Discussion at CoInnovate 2018

  Professor Mischa Dohler will give a live demonstration of synchronised reality at CoInnovate 2018, presenting the solutions it offers for industry challenges Advances in virtual reality and ultra-low latency 5G now mean synchronised reality can be utilised in healthcare, education and industry CoInnovate 2018’s outstanding speaker line-up for January 24th includes experts in robotics, […]

Introducing CSconnected:

The World’s first Cluster on Compound Semiconductors to deliver technological advances Compound semiconductors (CS) are set to deliver performance margins for a wide range of applications otherwise unattainable through silicon alone. The global semiconductor market is growing rapidly and is already well into the tens of billions of dollars. The outlook is positive, with smart, […]