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CoInnovate 2015 Photographs

What actually happened at the CoInnovate 2015?  Delegates were inspired through innovative presentations from our speakers, set challenges by leading multinationals and explored potential solutions with other like-minded innovators. What’s more,  SMEs and start-ups were provided with great platforms to showcase their capabilities to business leaders through SME Expo and Pitch Live! See what happened […]

The Challenges of a Connected World

Professor Khalid Al Begain of the University of South Wales asks how mobile technology of the future will affect our lives Connectivity and information access is evolving. In the space of just four decades, our needs have evolved from basic connectivity for e-mail and document sharing, to the Internet revolution and finally the introduction of […]

CoInnovate 2015 Brochure

Our conference brochure is available here for you to download and view at your leisure.  Feel free to forward to the brochure to colleagues and associates who have an interest in CoInnovate! CoInnovate 2015 Brochure

The New Innovation Contest Does More than Deliver Solutions

The race to invent, reinvent or simply improve products has become so fast and furious that traditional development processes and cycles can’t cut it. Open Innovation has become a proven and well-established method for reducing development times by sourcing solutions that already exist in other fields. But Open Innovation itself is being reinvented as companies […]

A Spark in the Big Engine

Apart from some niche industry sectors, innovation has traditionally been associated with large, vertically integrated multinational corporations. Many of these large corporates had to have business units or a centralised technology function that went right down to the semiconductor device level to be able to create a new functionality in the end product. These business […]

Centre of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation

Steven Drew from Innocentive will be speaking at CoInnovate on do’s and don’t’s of posting challenges, but here is a great video of NASA’s crowdsourcing journey with some great examples:  NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation – Crowdsourcing Journey

No Moore’s Law: the technology of the future will come from open innovation Real economic growth depends on real innovation – and technology will play a key role

Our Keynote Speaker Professor Eugene A. Fitzgerald featured article in The Telegraph: As consumers we are told that we live in a world of innovation. New technology is released everyday, the next generation iPhone is always just around the corner and each new device that enters the market is packed with the latest ground-breaking innovative technology. […]