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Open Call for Challenges

Open innovation is increasingly becoming an effective approach to solving challenges by accessing new technologies, solutions and talent in a wide range of industries and markets.

Whilst degrees of separation are reducing, thanks to a number of platforms, reaching out to the right technology providers (whether from academia or start-ups) can still be a challenge (no pun intended!). Sometimes, there is no match for a real-world connection or conversation. Given the choice, we would probably prefer to talk to someone rather than enter text into a portal (and wait for someone to..maybe..get in touch).

We have learned through a number of workshops that engaging others around a challenge has real value and can form lasting business connections, which is why the Collaboration PitStop is a key element of CoInnovate.

For 2018, the CoInnovate network is reaching out much wider than before and we are making a limited number of spaces available for organisations to pitch their challenges to the innovator community.

If you are looking to connect and collaborate with others to:

  • Solve technical challenges (to enter into new markets, introduce novel products into existing markets or anything else!)
  • Improve internal processes (in manufacturing, engineering…)
  • Create new markets (others may be able to help find new exciting opportunities to apply your novel technology)

Then CoInnovate 2018 could be the ideal platform to engage the community around your challenge, to discuss ideas with technology providers and to accelerate results.

Take a look here to find out more.