Organisations looking for external solutions understand that successful innovation in today’s world requires collaboration across organisations and more increasingly, across sectors. As Rob Rolley, Technology Director at General Dynamics UK puts it: “Open Innovation for me means 1 + 1 =3”.

Leading organisations pitched their challenges at CoInnovate 2016, including:

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List of 2016 Challenges

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Peace of Mind: Detecting anxiety through technology

Biosensors: Enabling automated monitoring without contamination

Leading Regenerative Medicine: Disruptive business models for competitive advantage

Your Device, Your Choice: High data rates for every seat

An Efficient Interface: Connecting design and assembly teams

Smart Power: Predictive solutions for load management

Need More Bandwidth?: Time to move to THz

Big Over Narrow: Meaningful Big Data over unreliable networks

The Autonomous Advisor: Self-learning application support

Super Vision: Real-time context through image fusion

Smart Mining: Tackling declining ore grades

Fracking & Water: Minimising the trade of water for shale gas

Help the urban population reduce their transport footprint and enable digital, asset-light lifestyles

Create relevant, personalised and context-aware information

Increase user experience and perceived value of public transport



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