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CoInnovate partners with Mind Doodle to facilitate collaboration and enhance tech innovation

Mind Doodle to capture collaborative thinking for CoInnovate’s Collaboration PitStop and record key outcomes from the conference digitally with real time mind mapping software.

  • CoInnovate 2018 announces partnership with Mind Doodle to facilitate interactive idea generation between entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and academics at its conference on 24 January 2018
  • Mind mapping will enhance the popular Collaboration PitStop workshop, where delegates explore challenges, opportunities and innovative solutions through group workshops
  • Key points and recurring themes from the conference will be recorded digitally using Mind Doodle and attendees are encouraged to add comments to discussions to collaboratively develop ideas

Mind Doodle, a new online mind mapping software developed by South West start-up, FlexiDB Limited, will replace hand written post it notes during CoInnovate’s Collaboration PitStop, a popular interactive workshop where bright minds from the tech industry explore solutions to a selection of key challenges.

Delegates in each workshop will be able to add their own ideas to a group mind map from their laptops, tablets or smartphones, offering solutions and developing discussions during a period of collaborative thinking.

The workshops can spark new partnerships between key players in the tech industry, paving the way for collaboration to continue after the event.

Mind Doodle will also be used to record key themes from each session during CoInnovate 2018, including presentations and panels. Delegates are invited to add comments to the mind maps in order to widen the discussions.

With innovative ideas from bright individuals being captured throughout the day, each mind map becomes a lasting digital resource for delegates, speakers and organisers to use after the event.

Denise Powell, Open Innovation Manager, IQE Plc and CoInnovate Conference Manager said: “CoInnovate is all about creating long-term value from tech networks and I’m delighted that we’ll be working with Mind Doodle to capture discussions live and continue collaborations beyond CoInnovate 2018.”

Rich Hill, CEO, Mind Doodle said: “CoInnovate and Mind Doodle are a perfect match. CoInnovate encourages innovation and collaboration, Mind Doodle is the ideal tool to facilitate and expedite this process. I’m very much looking forward to the event, and the projects that emerge from it.”

The event programme includes:

  • Future Tech: Presentations and discussions showcasing trends, emerging technologies and applications in sensors, IoT, materials, additive manufacturing and robotics.
  • Future Regions: Exploring regional programmes, industry interests, and open innovation for building technology clusters across academia, government and industry.
  • Innovation Open Mic: Introducing the world’s first cluster brand, CS Connected, on compound semiconductor technologies and applications, plus a live 5G demo of an Internet of Skills piano performance.

Hosted at Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff on 24th January 2018, CoInnovate will provide delegates with unprecedented access to discussions on emerging technologies, insights on best practice, and opportunities to forge beneficial connections, both in person and digitally through Mind Doodle.

The partnership between CoInnovate and Mind Doodle comes just months after Mind Doodle drew thousands of online visitors to view live mind mapping of TEDxBristol talks.




CoInnovate is a free event taking place at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff on 24th January 2018. It is the must-attend event for driving collaborative innovation, creating a platform for the academic and industrial community to interact with global organisations and build new partnerships. World leading organisations looking for collaborative solutions to their challenges come to CoInnovate to pitch their needs. With a focus on emerging technologies and open innovation, CoInnovate is designed to bring together the world’s leading innovators in the spirit of collaboration.


FlexiDB is a software start-up, founded in Bristol, UK by Richard Hill. The company’s latest software product is Mind Doodle, a collaborative mind mapping tool. FlexiDB also develops online games and bespoke software projects for clients, and has developed a flexible database back-end for WordPress sites and mobile apps.

Mind Doodle

Mind Doodle is a free online mind mapping tool that allows teams to work together in real time and discuss ideas using a live chat. The software includes space for notes, images, files, data and charts. As well as enhancing productivity and creativity, Mind Doodle also works as a visualization tool, allowing users to view their mind maps in 3D. Mind Doodle was developed by FlexiDB Limited. Extensions for agile project management, 3D SWOT analysis, WordPress, social media data and Google Analytics will be released soon.


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