Collaboration PitStop

One company or organisation is no longer an expert at everything due to the rapidity of technology evolution; we have to collaborate. CoInnovate 2018 will showcase 5 challenges & opportunities for delegates to explore collaboratively.

Collaboration PitStop is the place to make change happen, to solve tomorrow’s challenges by alternative reuse, redeployment or new engineering of today’s tech solutions. The workshop provides an opportunity for collaboration to start and continue across the academic, commercial and public organisations.

The five challenge and opportunity spaces below are seeking novel ideas, technologies and capabilities to kick-start collaborative projects to move them forward. Click on the links to find out more.

Delegates are invited to use Mind Doodle to explore the opportunity spaces and input their ideas or provide suggestions to those of others.

The final 5 challenges featuring at Collaboration PitStop:

Buildings of the Future, with Tata Steel

Smart Cyber Security, with Airbus Group Endeavr Wales

Magnetic Sensing, with Compound Semiconductor Centre

Automotive Sensing, with Littelfuse

Tech for Healthy Cities, with the CoInnovate Committee