Dashboard Ltd

Dashboard Limited is a technology-based information services company that provides an automated remote monitoring solution for collecting and consolidating near-real-time data from sensors in both remote and accessible locations. The data, is transmitted using satellite/cellular/wireless communications to a “private cloud” platform for analysis and retention. Analysed data is then presented via a “dashboard” visualisation interface, providing a view of the status of the given equipment, process or asset being monitored in real-time. Using a combination of proprietary and third-party hardware sensors, Dashboard acquires the data for a complete end-to-end solution and supports a remote dashboard which is accessible via any connected device. Enterprise-grade security is provided by a sophisticated and encrypted user authentication regime (designed to comply with the ISO 27001 standard on electronic security). The Dashboard solution is applicable to a wide range of industries, however the company has an initial market focus on providing remote monitoring of oil & gas pipeline infrastructure not merely in regions in which there is a growing concern for security (oil theft, leaks, explosions etc.) in remote and hostile environments, but industry wide to support efficiency, process continuity, regulatory compliance, environmental damage mitigation, health and safety and transparency.


The analysis of the data acquired is the key ingredient to what Dashboard offers as a service, whether from a Dashboard sensor or from a wide range of other sources (e.g. incumbent industrial monitoring/control systems). Top-down visualisation combined with multi-variate analysis techniques, provide our industrial customers with a much improved insight into their processes and equipment than has hitherto been possible. Coupled with the presentation of the data in intuitive and market leading formats, this supports significant industrial process efficiency improvement, each solution tailored specifically to the evolving needs of each individual customer.

Dashboard Ltd website: http://dashboard.net/