Challenges: Open Call


Are you looking to connect and collaborate with others to:

  • Solve technical challenges (to enter into new markets, introduce novel products into existing markets or anything else!)
  • Improve internal processes (in manufacturing, engineering…)
  • Create new markets (others may be able to help find new exciting opportunities to apply your novel technology)

Then why not pitch your challenge at CoInnovate 2018? 

CoInnovate 2018 can provide you with a platform where you can discuss ideas with technology providers to accelerate results.

“Coming from an industrial background it was refreshing to find the opportunity to discuss real blue-sky ideas with people from all backgrounds and also to work with others to determine how these could be brought to reality. We will be sure to attend next year’s event!” 
– Anthony Kinsella, The Weir Group

What are we looking for?

  • Be there! Challenge owners (or a representative that has a good understanding of the challenge) will need to be available on 24 January 2018 to pitch their challenge.
  • Commitment (not direct funding necessarily). We appreciate that suggestions may not provide the perfect solution you are looking for, but we invite challenge owners to consider them and provide feedback where appropriate.
  • Passion! There’s nothing more positive than seeing organisations tackling challenges head-on with a winning attitude! Remember… “A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it”! – Ray A. Davis


Please email, with the following information about your challenge:

  • Title
  • Background (what is the challenge, why is it important and what is the opportunity for collaborators)
  • What you are not looking for (if applicable)
  • Any considerations (e.g. timeframe)
  • A bit about your organisation
  • Contact details

Deadline for entries: 17:00, Thursday 30 November

What happens next?

The shortlist of organisations that will be pitching their challenges on stage at CoInnovate will be announced Thursday 14 December and we will contact them to get ready for the event!

Organisations that don’t make it onto the shortlist will be offered a section on the CoInnovate website to post their challenge.

Guarantee your place

If you would like to secure your place on stage to connect with technology providers, you are welcome to join CoInnovate 2018 as an Industry Partner, which is also packed with post-event benefits, including a workshop designed and delivered specifically for your organisation’s requirements.