About Mind Doodle

Mind Doodle is a new online mind mapping software that helps people to explore their ideas, either individually or with a team.

As an interactive tool, Mind Doodle allows you to share powerful thoughts immediately with its real-time collaboration and live chat. The software allows remote teams to work together seamlessly and will be used at CoInnovate to allow delegates to brainstorm and work together to solve challenges.

Mind Doodle is all about connecting ideas and communicating them to your team. It allows people to share, discuss and innovate together at the same time. Team members can watch live changes on their screens as their colleagues or contacts work on shared mind maps from anywhere in the world.

These mind maps aren’t limited to words. In addition to long-form notes, mind mappers can add depth with data tables and 3D charts, files and images.

Developed as a collaborative thinking environment, Mind Doodle is a digital tool that disrupts the usual techniques of thinking, working and collaborating. Sign up for free at https://minddoodle.com