About UMIP The University of Manchester Intellectual Property

Enterprise and innovation have always been fundamental aspects of The University of Manchester’s culture, and a key factor in our ongoing success. Our academics generate new knowledge every day, creating a wealth of intellectual property (IP) that has real world applications and the potential to enhance society. Much of this work can be commercially exploited through IP sales, licensing to third parties or the creation of spin-out companies.

A prime example of the innovation originating from the University of Manchester is Graphene which was discovered by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov in 2004.  From that initial discovery, Manchester is now known as the Home of Graphene.  The vast potential for Graphene and other 2D Materials will only be realised by creating a critical mass of scientists, engineers, manufacturers, innovators and industrialists. To this end the University of Manchester is creating an innovation ecosystem that will have at its core the National Graphene Institute, the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, the Sir Henry Royce Institute for Materials Research and Innovation, and the NOWNANO Centre for Post-Doctoral Research. Once completed it will comprise more than 250 researchers focussed on Graphene and 2D Materials and will enable the University and its Industrial partners to take new applications for Graphene & 2D Materials from basic research to finished product.  Manchester was the world’s first modern industrial city, and now intends to establish a Graphene City™.