Pitch Live!

Back by popular demand! We’re looking forward to hosting the third Pitch Live! session at CoInnovate 2018, where start-ups and SMEs working in technology have the opportunity to pitch their capabilities, technologies or idea on stage to an audience of business leaders and investors!

* Are you an SME with game-changing capabilities?

* Are you looking for partners to collaborate with or take your technology to market?

* Are you looking to grow your network?

Pitch Live! offers you the platform to

  • Pitch your capabilities, technologies or idea on stage
  • Attract potential industry partners to access new markets
  • Reach out to potential investors to grow your business
  • Submit your entry for Pitch Live! (entry details below)
  • Pitch Live! finalists will have 60s on stage to pitch their capabilities or technology
  • The winner will be announced during Pitch Live! Awards towards the close of Day 2
How to enter

In a 60s video, tell us a little bit about your capabilities, technology or idea:

  • What is the wow factor – how novel is it?
  • What is the potential impact?
  • What is the potential route for implementation or growth?

You don’t need fancy recording equipment and you’re welcome to use your phone!

If you’re struggling with recording, email us at coinnovate@iqep.com and we can send you a one-page application form to fill.

Deadline for entries

Be sure to submit your video or completed form, we will announce deadlines closer to the January 2018!