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Professor Mischa Dohler Challenges Innovators to Embrace Synchronised Reality in World-First Discussion at CoInnovate 2018


  • Professor Mischa Dohler will give a live demonstration of synchronised reality at CoInnovate 2018, presenting the solutions it offers for industry challenges
  • Advances in virtual reality and ultra-low latency 5G now mean synchronised reality can be utilised in healthcare, education and industry
  • CoInnovate 2018’s outstanding speaker line-up for January 24th includes experts in robotics, sensors and automation

Professor Mischa Dohler, world-leading expert in 5G and low latency data transfer, will challenge innovators gathered at CoInnovate 2018 to embrace his research team’s latest advancement: synchronised reality. A live demonstration of this 5G enabled technology will give CoInnovate 2018 delegates an insight into the future of the modern workforce.

Synchronised reality is the next evolution of virtual reality, using the Internet of Skills to offer a truly immersive experience. This latest development has yet to be utilised across industry and research as low latency and 5G developments make what was once theoretical not only possible, but commercially viable.

Professor Mischa Dohler reveals:

“Until now, the Internet of Skills has just been a dream of the future: a future in which a surgeon in one country can perform on a patient thousands of miles away. Now, with advancements giving unparalleled synchronised reality across vast distances, the Internet of Skills will transfer the world’s labour market, healthcare, training and education, and business; and thereby democratise skills the same way as the Internet has democratised information.”

Immersive authenticity is vital when working at incredibly close quarters with robotics, internal organs, or musical instruments – and the applications of this tactile internet technology are not limited to these fields. Professor Mischa Dohler will be sharing his predictions for 2018 in the development of 5G technology, synchronised reality, and the Internet of Skills at CoInnovate 2018.

This medley of art and science has been trialled in a partnership between Professor Mischa Dohler’s team and various London theatres to disrupt the consumption of theatre and generate collaborations between artists and actors across counties, or even countries. Like many polymaths, Professor Mischa Dohler encapsulates the dichotomy of a professional scientist and a professional musician. This medley of logic and art, iTunes validated pianist and international 5G expert, gives him a unique perspective on problem solving.

CoInnovate 2018 organiser, Denise Powell, Open Innovation Manager at IQE, commented:

“5G is widely stated to bring significant opportunities for compound semiconductor technologies, both from an infrastructure and new applications perspective. Enterprising and inquisitive minds are essential to drive innovation and we’re pleased to welcome Professor Mischa Dohler to CoInnovate 2018’s CS Connected evening session to spark discussions around 5G advancements and the exciting implementation opportunities for the technology.”

Professor Mischa Dohler will be speaking – and performing from his latest piano album – at the evening session of CoInnovate 2018, a world-class high-tech event bringing engineering and technical minds from across academic institutions, corporates, and start-ups together to explore the collaborative opportunities for future tech solutions. The free-to-attend event has drawn interest from both international companies such as Siemens, ECSI Consulting, BAE Systems, GW4, General Dynamics UK, Renishaw, and universities from around the UK, all of which will be attending.

Other speakers that form CoInnovate 2018’s outstanding line-up include Alan Norbury, Industrial CTO at Siemens; Alison Mitchell, Executive Director of Sensor City; Stephen Doran, CEO of the Compound Semiconductor Catapult; William Sachiti, Founder of Institute of Robotics; Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy & Transport, Welsh Government; Rich Walker, Managing Director of Shadow Robot and Simon Bradley, VP, Head of Innovation works Systems & Products, Airbus Group.

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About Professor Mischa Dohler
Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is the Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, co-founder of the pioneering smart city company Worldsensing, Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence. He acts as a policy, technology and entrepreneurship adviser, from Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, former Minister David Willetts’ 8 Great Technology Fund, UK Regulator Ofcom, UK Ministries, No 10, EPSRC ICT Strategy Advisory Team, European Commission, Tech London Advocate, ISO Smart City working group, and various start-ups. He is also an entrepreneur, composer & pianist with 5 albums on iTunes and an artist-verified Spotify account, as well as fluent in 6 languages.