Alan Dalton

University of Sussex

Alan Dalton is currently Chair and Professor in Materials Physics at the University of Sussex. Alan has worked in the area of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for over 20 years. He received his BA in Natural Sciences and his PhD in Physics from Trinity College Dublin. Before coming to Sussex, Alan held positions at the University of Surrey, the University of Texas and Honeywell Technologies (New Jersey). He has also held an Arnold Graves Fellowship at the Dublin Institute of Technology.  To date, he has published over 150 papers and 10 patents in the general area of nanotechnology. His work has been cited over 8500 times and his h-index is 43. His group’s research interests focus on understanding the structure-property relationships in nanomaterials and their viable applications in a range of areas spanning biotechnology, aerospace and smart materials. Since 2017, Alan is also a director and chief science officer of Advanced Materials Development. He holds visiting positions at the University of Malaya, the Kazakh National University, King Saud University and the University of Texas Dallas.