Ashley G Cooper

Catalyst Growth Partners

Ashley is Co-Founder and Director of Catalyst Growth Partners (CGP) a high growth business accelerator focussed on working with innovative businesses and positive people to the next level of success. CGP sits on the Board of, and is invested in 15 businesses across a wide range of sectors including Health and Wellness, Personal Engagement, Careers Development, People selection, Coaching, Clean Energy, Cell therapy and Social Gaming.

Ashley holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and is a Chartered Director CDir from the IOD. He is Chair of Venturefest Wales 2016 (Innovate UK / KTN) and sits on the Welsh Economy Minister appointed MIT REAP Panel (Regional Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program) focussing on Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship.

In 1995 he founded TES Aviation Group an aircraft engine asset management, trading and leasing business which he grew to $25m revenues by 2007 when he brought in majority equity partners (DVB Bank) and as CEO and minority shareholder lead the organisational growth through to 2012, exiting his final shareholding with the introduction of a Japanese Consortium headed by Mitsubishi Corporation. At this time the business was turning over $160M based on 3 continents employing 150 people. He led the business as CEO for a further 2 years on behalf of the new shareholder group, departing and founding Catalyst Growth Partners in 2014.

He is active in various Youth and Entrepreneurship programs in Wales, and is actively developing within CGP business growth programs that focus on the key elements of growing, people, teams, structure, processes and ultimately profitable and valuable businesses firmly believing that success in business is certainly about much more than having access to money.