Harri Mansikkamäki


Harri an acknowledged professional in user experience and service production. He has worked in the design, development, strategy and sales positions and collaborated with companies in five continents, from large multinational enterprises to small early phase start-ups. In addition, Harri has led his own start-up that designed and developed highly scalable mobile service for retail sector. Harri’s special interests lay on smooth interactions and development of novel business models.

Harri has been involved in the development of both consumer and B2B solutions in European and global markets. He actively follows and trials the latest advancements in the technology and applies the findings to simplify complex customer challenges. Harri has strong visions for service design and productisation.

In Leadin Harri has worked in multi-disciplinary roles. On one hand he is passionately driving and contributing into the user interface design within customer projects, on the other perspective he helps Leadin clients with their strategic and business development activities. He focuses on mining the essentials and producing the highest quality services with available resources. Currently Harri is managing Leadin UK.