Rainer Rauh

Airbus Group

Dr.- Ing. Rainer RAUH is Vice President at AIRBUS Group and Head of Global Innovation Network for Platform Structures.  He has the wide view over the company’s plants, industrial processes, products and people.  There are a number of innovative new processes and technological breakthroughs such as nanotechnology,  ADL, robotics, block chain aimed at the factory of the future and making aircraft so they meet increasingly stringent regulations.

What the market wants is the ‘ideal aircraft’, lightweight with self-adaptive geometry, fitted with silent engines powered by regenerated clean fuel, and built of parts that are reusable or recyclable.

A mechanical engineer from University Munich, Rainer started his career as a development engineer for BMW, before moving to DASA and Daimler as a senior manager in their structures and materials teams in Ulm, Suttgart and Ottobrunn.  In 2004 he moved to Airbus to head up the operations materials and process teams in Toulouse, Bremen, Filton and Getafe.

Since 2013 he is responsible for Global Innovation Network on Structures.