Rob Rolley

General Dynamics UK

Professor Rob Rolley runs the EDGE Innovation facility for General Dynamics UK which works with SMEs, Academia and suppliers to deliver capability, product and knowledge into the business.

Rob started his career back in 1981 as an electronics engineer in the Radio Group at the prestigious Standard Telephone Research Laboratories in Harlow.

After a solid 15-year grounding in research, he then spent the next 10-years leading the rapid development and delivery of leading edge voice and data gateway products for Nortel and Motorola. This involved the creation and collaboration with worldwide teams and the rapid time to market deliveries of complex telecoms systems.

Rob has participated in many long field-trials, so understands what it takes to ensure that technology works away from the lab in the real world. He is passionate about Engineering Education, chairs the Industrial Advisory Board for Cardiff Universities Engineering Department and is the company’s representative Defence for Growth Partnership . He is a director on the board of The ESTnet, the electronic and software technologies network for Wales. It represents companies who design, develop, manufacture and integrate some of the world’s most advanced technologies.