Simon Bradley

Airbus Group

Professor Simon Bradley, Vice President, Product & Cyber Security Program Directorate, Airbus Group

An internationally recognised technology leader and driver of innovation and transformation within global organisations, Simon brings a powerful blend of skills and proven capabilities to enable companies to drive forward with vision and deliver on the requirements of key stakeholders.  As Vice President, Head of Innovation Works Systems & Products and latterly as Head of Global Innovation Network within The Airbus Group, Simon has helped build a strong cohesive brand for Research & Technology strategy and development. The Airbus Group was named in the Thomson Reuters 100 Top Innovative Companies list and ranked #30 in the world for Research & Development in 2013 with a spend of 3.1Bn€. His portfolio within The Airbus Group for research covers a wide range of subjects and is global in its scope. From System & Software Engineering, Virtual Reality & Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Information Technology & HPC, Big Data & Visual Analytics, Maintenance & Services through to Cyber & Homeland Security. In 2015 Simon took on his newest role as Vice President, Product & Cyber Security Program Directorate – helping to protect Airbus Group products, facilities, ICT equipment and people.