About Geovation

Geovation represents Ordnance Survey’s commitment to open innovation; where risks, resources and rewards are shared to create value for OS, the startups we support and the UK geospatial community.  Since 2009, Geovation has run 9 challenges, supporting 34 winners to develop and launch their ideas.  Building on this, in 2015 we opened the Geovation Hub and Programme to provide an incubator for GeoTech startups.

Geovation Challenges recognise that successful innovation depends on developing innovative solutions to real problems.  Our latest Challenge, which opens for entries on 19 October, 2016, will focus on using geographical data and design thinking to address the problems associated with underground asset location, management, stakeholder impact and predicting asset future.

To uncover the top problems in underground asset management Geovation carried out a problem-identifying ‘Deep Dig’ with key stakeholders from utilities, government, transport, water and sewerage, telecoms, and energy industries.

  • Digitisation can contribute to increasing productivity in utilities by 15% and profitability by 20-30% by better asset management from improved operations (Booth et al 2016).
  • Government forecasts greater cross-sector collaboration with infrastructure networks across the UK could create £3 billion in economic value (HM Treasury 2013).
  • Improved asset management through being predictive could save £2-3 billion every year and reduce construction costs by 15% (HM Treasury 2013).

The Challenge runs to 30 November 2016. The best ideas submitted online will be invited to a Geovation Camp in Southampton in February 2017, to develop their ideas into prototype ventures focussing on a sustainable business model. Winners will be invited to join the Geovation Programme, starting in April 2017. This is the perfect funded accelerator to get your GeoTech start-up off the ground, offering financial, developer and business support, with access to software, technology, and geospatial data.

Visit geovation.uk/challenge or email challenge@geovation.com