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Tata Steel announces Challenge for CoInnovate 2018

Explore “Buildings of the Future” with Tata Steel at CoInnovate 2018

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There is no question that organisations need to be thinking about the future today to be able to adapt their processes and offerings and stay ahead of the curve. The outlook is complex and with technology evolving at a rapid pace, collaborative innovation is becoming a necessity.

For a forward-thinking organisation like Tata Steel, collaboration comes as a second nature and the company is very active in the open innovation space. “Tata Steel has a strong open innovation approach to collaboration and is constantly looking to work with external organisations and individuals that have the expertise, skills and technologies to help us develop the ideas that will transform our industry across all our technology, market and customer interests,” says Alex Small, BIM & Digital Platforms Manager at Tata Steel.

The societal challenges ahead of us, including sustainability and an ageing population present a vast opportunity for need-led technology adoption through collaboration. Alex says “the ‘Buildings of the Future’ opportunity is so wide ranging and potentially transformational that only by engaging externally will we generate the diversity of ideas and the collaboration partners that will make it a success.”

Tackling the Future through Collaboration

CoInnovate welcomes Tata Steel’s challenge below on “Buildings of the Future” and invites technologists, scientists and engineers across a wide range of skillsets to attend and explore this challenge together and come up with the ideas that may potentially be taken forward together with Tata Steel.

Alex is looking forward to meeting delegates at CoInnovate 2018 to discuss the challenge further and says “The CoInnovate event is the start of a process to identify the range of opportunities that the ‘Buildings of the Future’ concept offers and we are confident that after the event we will have found potential partners to discuss new ideas with and potentially turn them into collaborative projects.”

Buildings of the Future

Enabled by novel applications of Steel

Buildings as simply passive shells where we live and work is no longer an option. Buildings of the future will need to generate, store and distribute their own energy, be an integral part of the IoT, allow the monitoring and active control of the built environment, allow flexibility of use over the building’s lifetime to reflect the changing needs of occupiers, not to mention be an integral part of the circular economy by having their components easily reused/recycled at their end of life.

Thanks to its strength, durability and versatility, steel is an obvious choice for future buildings and collaboration at an early stage of development is likely to deliver enhanced benefits and services to building owners and occupiers.

With the Carbon Catalysts Group estimating a reduction of 80m tonnes of CO2 emissions through the use of “buildings as power stations”, and with the smart building market set to grow from $5.37bn to $24.73bn over the next 4 years, Tata Steel is looking to collaborate in projects that will enable novel applications of steel in Smart Buildings of the Future.

We encourage delegates to consider:

  •  the type of data that smart buildings will need to gather
  • how sensors may be embedded into steel structures rather than being applied retrospectively and how steel products can be an integral part of the IoT integration
  • the role of steel in energy generation, storage and distribution
  • how buildings could be made more flexible and modular to meet future needs of an ageing population and to allow for repurposing individual or a group of buildings

To hear more about the challenge from Tata Steel and to discuss potential ideas and concepts, book your place at CoInnovate 2018.

If you know of individuals and organisations with relevant expertise, please share this page with them and invite them to attend!

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