Tech for Healthy Cities

Intelligent systems for improved wellbeing

Most of us visit the doctors when we’re ill or have gone on to develop non communicable diseases (NCDs). A number of conditions develop slowly or show subtle symptoms and are often diagnosed late. By this time, the only option the doctor has is to manage the condition and perhaps recommend surgery, medication or lifestyle changes.

There are numerous Apps available that record your heart rate, weight, calorie and fluid intake and also calculate your calories burned, but are we measuring the right parameters for personalised, intelligent data-driven health management to help individuals and communities to improve their health and wellbeing?

The right data could help us to tackle perhaps some of the biggest challenges of our time; cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory conditions and dementia. There are a plethora of opportunities for smart technology development for monitoring our wellbeing, creating healthy urban environments and tackling NCDs head on. Let’s pull together the right projects to give each individual more control over their health for long term change.


Challenges & Opportunities

  • How can we know if we are truly healthy? What are the key parameters about us and our surroundings that affect our health and wellbeing?
  • What type of sensor technologies would need to be developed to measure the right parameters?
  • How can we integrate disparate data into meaningful platforms and add value to individuals to help them manage their health?
  • What type of products, platforms and systems are needed to provide a holistic approach to creating healthy urban environments?


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