The Autonomous Advisor:

Self-learning application support

Bringing a level of autonomy to security and rescue environments would have a number of advantages in mission accuracy, delivery and speed. Whilst applications such as Siri and Cortana are entertaining, they do not go far enough to serve as useful advisors for logistics, planning and Command & Control systems. The main problem with these platforms is that they are not yet intuitive enough. They are not able to analyse behaviours and historical data to advise on future actions, whilst taking into account real-time information on potential hazards for any given route or action.

Technologies, including AI are developing at a rapid pace and may be applied successfully to develop a self-learning system that can act as a useful advisor for C2 support. To be successful, it will need an understanding of user goals and behaviours, together with an appreciation of the user’s environment to serve as a useful advisor during critical missions.


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