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What’s your WOW factor?

Thanks to a phenomenal increase in computing power, we’re seeing incredible technologies come through to market that are changing the way we live and interact with our environment. We can design and model new materials and systems, analyse data and understand interactions much faster than before.

The (very positive) problem this creates is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up-to-date on new technologies that are being developed.

Organisations are constantly looking for the next ‘big winner’ to integrate into their offerings, but we often hear from our community that it is not easy to connect with the right partners. We would like to help to reduce this barrier in a number of engaging ways so that more technologies find a route to market.

We have some good ideas to support technology providers in reaching out to the right audience. The first step we’re taking is a slight shift to our popular Pitch Live! sessions at CoInnovate; we will focus these on emerging technologies from start-ups, SMEs and academia.

Whilst we can provide a great platform for people to connect, the content needs to grab people’s attention and here’s where you may be able to help:

If you’ve heard technology pitches before, what’s important to you? What keeps you engaged? There are just a couple of quick questions we’d love to hear your views on and these are available at the following link:

Click here to tell us your views on technology pitches

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