Your Device, Your Choice:

High data rates for every seat

The demand for high-speed data networks for high-definition content is increasing at a rapid pace. This is accompanied by changing user expectations; we want to access information using our own devices, when we want to and where we want to, on the ground and in the air. However, providing in-flight, high-speed connectivity is not an easy task and will become even harder, with the number of planes in the sky potentially increasing to 24,000, with each carrying around 800 passengers by 2024.

Assuming that we can provide a high speed data network from the ground to each plane, distributing the network seamlessly and securely to a high number of passengers is quite a challenge in itself. Existing WiFi solutions cannot cope with the required data density, but additional cabling is not an option, as existing commercial aircraft already have close to 162km of cabling! The right solution will need to be low-cost, light-weight and consume minimal power.


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